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Sunday, July 14th @ 7 pm


(1) Act 34 – Criminal Record Check - 1-888-783-7972 (FREE for Volunteers)
Must be renewed every five (5) years

Online Application:    

Form to Mail:  
(mailing may delay processing by 6-8 weeks)

(2) Act 151 – Child Abuse History Clearance Form - 1-877-371-5422 (FREE for Volunteers)
            Must be renewed every five (5) years
​You must set up account first.

(3) FBI Fingerprint Clearances – Cogent Phone Registration: 1-888-439-2486
Must be renewed every five (5) years
           Select the PA Dept. of EDUCATION, NOT the PA Dept. of WELFARE/Human Services

Residents of PA for a minimum of ten (10) years do NOT have to obtain FBI Fingerprint Clearance, but must
sign a waiver stating they have not been arrested in any other state; or if they have not been a resident for the 
full previous ten (10) year period, but they have provided proof of receiving an FBI clearance at any time since establishing residency in PA. (Waiver attached)