2016 Camp "B" Weekly Activities and Highlights

Sunday: Camper Check In
Sporting Events
Wild Animals  

Monday:1st Cabin Inspection
Sporting Events
Wacky Game Night

Tuesday:    7 Springs Trip
Lunch at the Springs
Special Thanks again to  Doris Colarusso Gillman and Neil Gillman of the Gillman  Family Foundation for sponsoring the 7 Springs Trip.

Wednesday:  2nd Cabin Inspection
Sporting Events 
World Famous Camp "B" Pizza Party
 Camp B has Talent Night  

Thursday: Mt Pine Camp Ground - Swimming
Camp "B" Camp Fire 
Visit From Local Indian Tribe
Presentation of the Unofficial and NOT Recognized
Larry "HOTDOG" Mignogna Camper of the Year Award

Friday:   Inflatables 
Sporting Events
       Final Cabin Inspection
              Closing Ceremonies